Interface Code

Financial Database

My partner and I built a shopping web interface as well as the back end databases to support it. The website included distinct shopper, employee, and admin interfaces each with their own levels of security and data views.

bullet time

A short arcade bullet hell style game built in Gamemaker 2. Save the princess’s, kill the bad guys, dodge the many enemies.

Level 2 of Bullet Time Game

Impossible Game

A simple game made in Gamemaker 2 to develop my skills and have a little fun! Requires a moderate amount of dexterity and route planning. Use space to jump! 


A work in progress, Mythora is going to be similar to Fire Emblem, except on hexes and with a more diverse selection of pathing and characters throughout the storyline. The worldbuilding and plot are modified from a Dungeons and Dragons campaign I have created and run with many groups with great success.